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What People are Saying about the
SlipStone®™ Extrusion Wall System

We love it when our clients reach their goals, make their numbers, and outshine their competition. We know that results are simply snapshots in time. To demonstrate the commitment and execution SlipStone Global, LLC. has to achieving the best results, read the personal insights that reveal new directions and inspire innovative ideas.

Great results don't just happen by accident. There's no magic formula. Success depends on understanding the goal, making it happen, and measuring outcomes. What a coincidence—that's exactly what we (and our business partners) do at SlipStone Global, LLC.

"This is really something new nationwide to be able to put in a textured barrier, especially in a freeway application. We think SlipStone Global, LLC is going to be real cost effective."

- Jack Broadbent, Senior Caltrans Landscape Architect

"In general, slipforming is a very good process for drastically reducing labor costs and improving production. While slipform technology has been around for many years, a technique to provide a decorative wall surface is something new, I would view that as a step to the next level."

- Terry Collins, Portland Cement Association, a national trade group based in Skokie, Ill.

"With the way most projects are engineered today - on very tight schedules, outside of the obvious labor savings using this slipform system verses forming the wall by hand, the time savings of being able to slipform an architectural wall is just as important, if not the most important factor… time is money! The field assistance that Slipstone Global, LLC provides is tops. We were able to startup on our first wall, a few minor adjustments and off we went."

- Steve Prosek, Kokosing Construction Co. Inc. - Columbus, OH.

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