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SlipStone®™ Architectural Aesthetic Walls

Key Features

  • Aesthetic appeal - Custom texture and color selection
  • Customized design - Patterns, logos and graphics
  • Time efficiency - Faster than traditional hand forming
  • Cost effectiveness - Can reduce labor costs by up to two thirds and Crew sizes are smaller allowing for more concurrent projects.
  • Time efficiency - Faster than traditional hand forming
  • Material costs - Reduced considerably; no forms or liners required
  • Safety - SlipStone®™ patterns meet current highway crash safety standards set by US DOT, Caltrans, WV DOT, and other many other state agencies.

Who Can Benefit From This Technology?

  • Architects & Engineers
  • Transportation Departments & Agencies
  • Public, National Parks and Recreation Agencies
  • Land Developers
  • Federal, Provincial and Local Governments
  • National Defense Facilities
  • Private Owners (Golf Courses, Ranches and Wineries)
  • EVERY TAX PAYER! Economically sound – 25-30% less per LN FT in comparison to traditional Bridge and Highway work

One is only limited by their own imagination!!

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