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Reports and Write-Ups

CalTrans, the California Department of Transportation, and the Federal Department of Transportation have each approved SlipStone®™ walls in meeting all DOT standards, thus securing SlipStone®™ barriers and walls continued appearance not only along California highways, but also across the nation.

SlipStone®™ decorative barriers and walls are already installed throughout California, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, Canada, and France; applications include road median barriers, roadside retaining walls/barriers, park walls, and man-made lake perimeter walls. SlipStone's®™ work can be viewed along scenic California State Highway 101 in Fortuna (where roughly three miles of SlipStone®™ imprinted medians were installed in 2007) as well as San Louis Obispo, a project that is proudly featured on the CalTrans Highway Barrier Aesthetics site. Currently, SlipStone®™ is in development of a project along Interstate-5 in northern Los Angeles calling for four miles of textured wall featuring different types of patterns and effects.

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